Monday, October 28, 2013

The Life I Live

Apple Toss
I have been giving some of the guys at work a hard time about bringing me food (don't judge, I get hungry in the afternoons), not expecting that they ever will of course. One day one of them decided he actually would! He brought apples from his tree and gave me one. I took it out of the bag and saw a worm on the bottom so I bent down to shake it off into the garbage while my coworker was grabbing one from the bag. As I shook the apple, the stem (where I was holding it) broke off and the apple fell right into the metal garbage with a loud thud. From their perspective it looked like I had taken the apple and then chucked it in the garbage a second later right in his face. NO! I didn't mean to! I was so embarrassed! He was nice and gave me another one when I explained what happened, but I still get teased about that almost daily.

Light Wars
We were having a great Relief Society lesson one week, and in the middle our teacher put on a little video. Our RS president went to the back of the room and turned the lights off so we could see better. She played with them for a minute trying to figure out the whole half on half off thing, but it ended up just going all the way off and all the way back on. She gave up and just left them off. A minute later they came back on and she confusedly turned them back off. They turned back on shortly and a random guy walked in to tell her she was turning off their lights too. We were in a giant room that was just split by a divider so the lights were all connected and she had been turning on and off the lights in some other wards elders quorum! She was so embarrassed she just hung her head and ran back to her seat in the front. I couldn't stop laughing.

My friend made us dinner one night, which was delicious by the way, and served it with lemonade. A girl came over while we were eating and so he offered her some. She turned it down (crazy) but asked for some water. He poured some lemonade and held it out to her. This was the dialog that followed:
Girl: No thanks, I would like some water
Him: You can have this, it's good
Girl: I don't want that, I want water
Him: This has water in it. That's called compromising.
Ha! She ended up drinking the lemonade and liking it. Glimpse into a typical interaction between me and my friends...Its impossible to bargain with these guys.

One night Annalee decided she wanted to try hand stand push ups against the wall. Andrew held her legs and helped her come back up when she went down. Then they decided it was my turn and I needed to try. Well these body builder arms weren't quite ready for that...Half way into the hand stand I started laughing and tried to come down to compose myself then retry but Andrew grabbed my ankles and pulled me up. Because I was laughing so hard I couldn't hold myself up at all, so the result was Andrew lowering and lifting my limp noodle self by my ankles. It was funny enough from my perspective, and judging by the laughter from the rest of the guys it looked pretty funny from their perspective as well. I'd like to say that I redeemed myself later and did some on my own, but that's not true...I'm just going to accept that doing hand stand push ups is not one of my strengths in life.

Crepe Night
My roommate and I got together with some of our friends and hosted a crepe dessert night. I ended up making over 50 crepes and there were none left over! It was a fun night complete with delicious food, muddy buddy tossing, flour fight, and lots of laughing. MMM MMM good!

I have a deal going around that if they provide the ingredients I will make whatever they want. Its fantastic, I get free food that they get food without having to make it. Win win. Chris provided the ingredients and we had chocolate cake and Oreo pudding. It's actually really delicious. YUM!

I ran the Hit and Run 5K with some friends. It was a BLAST!! It is like the show Wipeout in 5K version...So much fun! I got destroyed on some of the elements and came out covered in foam and soaking wet, but it was definitely worth it! Also...I ran the whole way! Congratulations to myself.  Contrary to popular belief I am not a runner, so that actually is good for me ha.  Pathetic yes, but i'll take what I can. 

I found this taped to the lid of the dumpster when I took out the trash the other day.
Someone is a saint. 

This was on my pillow one night when I came home from a long day.
I have fantastic friends who pick me bouquets on their walks.
 A bouquet of misfits...its great! way better than real flowers ha
*side note...half the leaves fell off when I picked it up. hilarious. 

My classes are productive...this is what my notes look like...
Some days fully paying attention just isn't an option

We carved pumpkins for FHE last week.
I carved this shark with the assistance of my roommate Annalee. 

Grandma Sagers Halloween Party!

While I was making grilled cheese sandwiches my friend was making sausages.
This is what I found...sausages gone wrong. 


  1. Hahahah! I love the sausages!!! And y'all's pumpkin is amazing!!!!

  2. I was laughing so hard at your Relief Society light wars story! I'm just imagining what the guys in the other room must have been thinking--on! off! on! off! I probably would have been inappropriately laughing during the closing prayer if I had been there . . .